What’s a Squingy?

I’m Benjamin and I am a secondary education major. I’m getting into education because I want to coach basketball, and my goal is to work my way up to the college level. I consider myself a Renaissance Man (and I spelled that correctly, by the way) of sorts because I have a lot of interests. You can probably tell from looking at my posts that I really like basketball and sports in general, but I also like a lot of other subjects. I’ve always been interested in medieval history, geography, and astronomy. Astronomy, especially, is something I really enjoy because there’s always something cool to see when you look to the skies. I also enjoy writing and I play the bass guitar. I’m a Christian (a Calvinist, to be more specific), so I study the Bible and its doctrines, but I also have some interest in philosophy. On a less intellectual side, I like to play video games and I enjoy science-fiction and fantasy. So am I a jock? An intellectual? A nerd? I guess I’m all those things.


3 responses to “What’s a Squingy?”

  1. Sean says :

    Nice site.

  2. Valeria says :

    Hi Squingy.

  3. Melinda says :

    So here you are trying to figure out who this person is. Ask your mom. Moms know everything.

    I’m not into sports much BUT I live a couple of hours from SA and am for the Spurs. My niece in Dallas…my niece in San Antonio…a little competition there. Don’t get them going on the Spurs and Mavs. Especially not right now!

    I’ve heard about you for many years. It will be interesting to check out your site and get to know you better.

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