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Tim Tebow goes legend…again.

Scumbag Tim Tebow if you need him.

Denver Broncos 17, New York Jets 13


I’m still not really sure that I saw what I just saw. The Denver Broncos are down 13-10 to the New York Jets with the ball on their own 5 yard line and about five minutes to play. Surely, the worst case scenario for the Jets is overtime, right? Well, the sports world wouldn’t be in hysterics if that had happened.

Instead of overtime, the legend of Tim Tebow claimed yet another victim. On the last drive of the game, which started on Denver’s own 4 yard line, Tebow passed for 35 yards and ran for another 57 and the game winning touchdown on a 20 yard scramble. The Broncos are now 5-5 on the season, including 4-1 since Tebow became the starter (3 of those are come from behind wins), and are in the thick of things in the AFC West playoff picture.

This is the first time I’ve gotten a chance to see Tim Tebow in action since he was drafted, and it wasn’t a disappointment. This is the type of performance that people remember, and I know I certainly will. Had everyone else in the house not been in bed, I would have started yelling TTTTTIIIIIIIMMMMMMM TTTTTTEEEEBBBBBBOOOOOOWWWWWWW at the TV.

I was also really impressed with NFL Network’s handling of Tim Tebow. They were reasonable, informative, and certainly were not vitriolic like ESPN’s analysts are. In fact, I’d venture so far as to say that Merril Hoge choked on a chicken bone when Tebow scampered in for that touchdown. Heimlich!

If you keep up with sports at all, you’re going to be deluged with Tim Tebow and all kinds of adjectives to describe him as you watch/read/listen to sports news tomorrow, so I’ll just summarize my thoughts succinctly: that last drive was really cool to watch.

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Box score (Yahoo! Sports)


Scumbag Congress

Just what is lolcongress getting into lately? They should know better. Really, they should. We didn’t elect them to declare what type of food pizza is. And did they stop to consider that pizza sauce is made from the tomato, which is a fruit? And we don’t need them to censor the Internet. Yes, I am against piracy, but the level of censorship they’re suggesting is dangerous and (dare I say it?) Orwellian. Hopefully it won’t pass.

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