Coaching finally a reality for Mark Jackson.

Though he has no prior coaching experience, Mark Jackson has popped up on several occasions over the past few seasons as teams have looked to fill a vacancy on the bench. Now, it’s finally happening. The Golden State Warriors, who went 36-46 this past season, have named Jackson their head coach and signed him to a three year, $6 contract. This comes a couple weeks after the team introduced Jerry West as a front office executive; West previously worked in the front office with the L.A. Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies.

It will be interesting to see how Jackson fairs in his first season as a head coach. He sits 3rd all-time on the NBA’s career assist list, so it seems reasonable that he would have a good understanding of the game. Whether he can actually coach and teach his players is yet to be seen. Hopefully he won’t talk to his players like he does people tuning into NBA games on ABC or ESPN, where he spews out cliches and catch phrases such as: Grown man move! Momma, there goes that man! Hand down, man down!

Now if someone would just hire Jeff Van Gundy I could watch games in peace, but is there any team that desperate?

Warriors hire Jackson as new coach.


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