A Tale of Two Flops.

These are both ridiculous.

Exhibit 1

You will never see a worse flop as long as you live, unless you watch wrestling or soccer (as the next example will demonstrate). Earlier this season Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant called Bosh a “fake tough guy,” which made Bosh, the rest of the Miami team, and their supporters all indignant. “Durant’s just upset he lost,” they all said. And now he does this. Is there a worse way to make people think that you’re not a fake tough guy? If I wanted to make people think I was tough, I wouldn’t do this. I also wouldn’t keep getting punked by the Boston Celtics, but that’s another story. Predictably, he’s been shredded on the Internet; “Bosh Spice” was a trending topic on Twitter.

Exhibit 2 (+1 for sound effects!)

While Bosh’s flop was pathetic and sissy, this one is just stupid. Actually, it’s laughable. In fact, I think I’ve seen this shtick before in episodes of The Three Stooges. And what’s even more outrageous is that it worked! No one saw this? The camera saw it, of course, but they don’t use instant replay in soccer, so what good does that do anybody? Bosh’s flop makes me seethe with anger because it’s people like him that make the NBA unbearable to watch, but this one just makes me laugh. Pro-soccer honks keep harping about how “beautiful” a sport soccer is (and it is if you’re watching the World Cup), but for every amazing goal there’s an equally egregious flop. Could it be that soccer is the Chris Bosh of professional sports?


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