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A Tale of Two Flops.

These are both ridiculous.

Exhibit 1

You will never see a worse flop as long as you live, unless you watch wrestling or soccer (as the next example will demonstrate). Earlier this season Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant called Bosh a “fake tough guy,” which made Bosh, the rest of the Miami team, and their supporters all indignant. “Durant’s just upset he lost,” they all said. And now he does this. Is there a worse way to make people think that you’re not a fake tough guy? If I wanted to make people think I was tough, I wouldn’t do this. I also wouldn’t keep getting punked by the Boston Celtics, but that’s another story. Predictably, he’s been shredded on the Internet; “Bosh Spice” was a trending topic on Twitter.

Exhibit 2 (+1 for sound effects!)

While Bosh’s flop was pathetic and sissy, this one is just stupid. Actually, it’s laughable. In fact, I think I’ve seen this shtick before in episodes of The Three Stooges. And what’s even more outrageous is that it worked! No one saw this? The camera saw it, of course, but they don’t use instant replay in soccer, so what good does that do anybody? Bosh’s flop makes me seethe with anger because it’s people like him that make the NBA unbearable to watch, but this one just makes me laugh. Pro-soccer honks keep harping about how “beautiful” a sport soccer is (and it is if you’re watching the World Cup), but for every amazing goal there’s an equally egregious flop. Could it be that soccer is the Chris Bosh of professional sports?


Could you have made the Carmelo trade?

Now we can talk about something else. (Yahoo! Sports)

All rhyming aside, I don’t know if I could have pulled the trigger on this trade. Every trade in every sport has the risk/reward element attached to it, but there was a lot to weigh in New York’s pursuit of Carmelo Anthony. On the one hand, Carmelo is a superstar in the NBA and, you could argue, the best pure scorer the league has. Compare him to some of the other big scorers. He can shoot from the perimeter better than LeBron James and he’s a better post player than both James and Kevin Durant. There just aren’t that many players around with his skill set, and if you have the opportunity to get a player of his ilk to pair with someone like Amar’e Stoudemire, you have to make it happen.

On the other hand, just look at who all they gave up. And not only that, consider how young these guys are. Point guard Raymond Felton, forwards Danilo Galinari and Wilson Chandler, and center Timofey Mozgov. Any team would be glad to add them to the roster and they are all 26 years old and younger, so there’s room for them to get better. Galinari and Chandler have improved every year while Felton is putting up career highs in points (17) and assists (9). Mozgov is still just a rookie, but he’s shown promise.

So what do you do? We know what the Knicks and Nuggets did, but I’m not sure I would have the guts to pull that trade if I’m the Knicks. Sure, if I’m the Nuggets I do it in a heartbeat because there’s no way Carmelo was coming back next year. When faced with a scenario like that, you make sure absolutely you don’t become the next Cleveland Cavaliers or Toronto Raptors. I think everybody would take the deal they got for him. You’d have to be pretty dumb to pass up the package they got from the Knicks. But if I’m the Knicks? It’s hard to trade that much youth and potential, regardless of who you’re getting.

I think both teams came out looking pretty good in this trade. The Knicks got their second superstar in Carmelo and also got one of the better point guards in the league in Chauncey Billups, the afterthought of this trade. For the Nuggets, they’ve got a good core of young players to rebuild around if they want it. The problem, though, is that none of them are superstars. They played off of Stoudemire very well in New York, but now in Denver they won’t enjoy the same open jump shots that he provided them.

It’s going to be interesting to see how both of these teams do for the remainder of this season, as well as in the future.

Cleveland’s not looking so hot.


Hnnnnnnnng! (Yahoo! Sports)

This is a good example of why you shouldn’t write things when you’re mad. After LeBron James famously left Cleveland for Miami during his ridiculous free-agency, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert fired off this angry letter. I’m sure it probably felt good at the time, but it was about as thoughtful as LeBron’s absurd “The Decision” infomercial.

Fast forward to tonight, and the Cavaliers are a miserable 8-44 and just set the NBA record for consecutive losses at 25 with a 99-96 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. It’s hard to fathom a team being so bad. All they lost was one player and they’ve been set back 10 years after being contenders. For his own sake, I wish Dan Gilbert had waited to issue that kind of a statement. Had he thought about it for the night, he might have come up with something better than the above quote. In fact, he probably could have gone the entire letter without using the caps lock. He could have inspired his team and the city of Cleveland. He could have handled the situation with grace and come out of it looking pretty good compared to LeBron. Instead, he sunk to LeBron’s level, wrote an angry letter, and now finds himself in charge of one of the worst teams in NBA history.

So kids, don’t write while mad.

It’s hard to complain about Aaron Rodgers winning.

I’ve been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan every since I got into sports roughly 15 years ago. For someone who was just starting to pay attention to sports, someone like Jerome Bettis was an attention grabber. So during last night’s Super Bowl, I was looking forward to the Steelers winning their third championship in six years. But it didn’t happen. Instead of Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, and Troy Polamalu going down as some of the biggest winners in the league’s history, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers won 31-25. And you know something? I’m not even mad about it. Sure it’s disappointing, but it’s hard to really be bummed out because Aaron Rodgers is such a good person and player.

Aaron Rodgers gets his title belt. (Yahoo! Sports)

Ever since the Packers controversially traded Brett Favre to the Jets three years ago, Aaron Rodgers has done nothing but go about his business. While Brett Favre has been retiring and unretiring while sending people pictures of his “dongle,” Aaron Rodgers has worked hard and won a Super Bowl in his third season as Green Bay’s full time starter. Where once Brett Favre was one of the NFL’s premier passers, Aaron Rodgers has usurped him and looks like he may be even better, though time will tell what his stats are when he’s finished with his own career. He probably doesn’t go a day without someone asking him a question about Brett Favre, but he never answers them. In fact, he couldn’t even receive the Lombardi Trophy or his Super Bowl MVP award without Favre’s name being mentioned. But none of that bothers him. He just goes about his own business helping his team get better, and I like that.

So no, it doesn’t really bother me that the Steelers lost. I can’t think of another team or player that was more deserving of a Super Bowl win than the Packers and Aaron Rodgers.