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And this is why I’m no longer going into journalism.

It’s crazy to think that I, the biggest basketball fan the people that I know know, would allow the NBA Playoffs to go by with hardly any blog posts about them. Yet I did. And then the NBA Finals went by without a post. And then the NBA Draft. For whatever reason I just haven’t felt up to my usual sports writing self. Sometimes I forget about my blog and then when I remember it, I start to worry that I haven’t been updating it. And by worrying about it, it starts to feel like work, which is why I guess it’s good that I’m no longer looking into getting into journalism. I can’t really imagine writing with a deadline every day. I of course still enjoy writing, but after thinking about it it’s not something I think I would enjoy doing every single day because I had to. Mostly I think deadlines would drive me crazy, even if I am good at getting a paper for a class done in a short amount of time. Right now, getting a degree in secondary education with an emphasis in social studies just seems more appealing, especially since the teaching degree will help me with any ventures in coaching basketball.

But anyway, I’m going to try to pick up the pace a little bit and start covering the NBA and the rest of the sports I enjoy in a more timely fashion. I would also like to expand my posting topics a little bit as well. I’m also looking into making a podcast, so maybe that will be something else to add.